Rom-com film posters: A short history

Pretty Woman: The original. 

Forces Of Nature: An early example of the Sandy Bollocks 'lean'.

Two Weeks Notice: The Sandy Bollocks 'lean' hits its stride. 

The Proposal: The Sandy Bollocks 'lean' version 2.0. She's not leaning at all! It's Ryan Reynolds who's leaning! GENIUS. 

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days: The McConaughey 'lean' begins at a gentle 20 degrees. 

Failure To Launch: 45 degrees. 

Fool's Gold: Oh come on Matthew! What's wrong with leaning now?

Ghost Of Girlfriends Past: Right, this just ain't funny anymore. If you don't lean in your posters, I'm just not going to see your film. GEDDIT?

Four Christmases: Not only are they bound together with Christmas ribbons, but she's so short and he's so tall that...that...that...**laughs hysterically**...SHE'S STANDING ON BOXES TOO!!!! HILARIOUS! !!!!

(thanks to Dr K for continual inspiration)