Peter Parko - Tobey and Jake are Brothers this December...

Well, who'd have thunk it. Some lad called Tobey Maguire is back, back, back! And he's only gone and made a movie with Jake Gyllenaal, the doe-eyed Donnie Darko who dated Kirsten Dunst straight after the Tobester.

That said, if actors who've dated Kisten Dunst weren't allowed to make films together, Hollywood would shut down.

Brothers is directed by Jim Sheridan, a man who's previously made In America, The Boxer and In The Name Of The Father to mention but a few. To say he likes to wear his heart on his sleeve is an understatement. To say he shouts out his fiery political opinions everytime he starts his camera rolling would be more accurate. The fact that Brothers deals with the fallout of war suggests we're in for plenty more soap-boxing.

The fact that it's out at the beginning of December in the States also suggests it's 'Oscar material' (always a scary prospect).

Anyways, it's lovely to see the return of Jake G. Natalie Portman is obviously attempting to do her 'everyday American housewife' thing that might not be quite so successful. And old Tobey, meanwhile, hits the comeback trail - leaner and meaner than ever before (ooooh, weight loss - good for the Oscars) and still decidely - and brilliantly - odd.