Moon starring Sam Rockwell... and Chesney Hawkes.

Sci-fi isn't normally my 'thing' but Moon starring the rather brilliant Sam Rockwell is something else. Director Duncan 'David Bowie's Son' Jones has said that he's not into silly, action-figure-selling sci-fi. He likes the old-school stuff like 2001: A Space Odyssey and Alien. Sci-fi that deals with, amongst other things, the drama of loneliness out there in the middle of nowhere. Or in this case, as the title suggests, the moon.

It's all really engrossing. A film that's both about intimate, personal emotions and global, cold-hearted greed. It's got that eerie background hum to it that all great space station movies should have to.

But way, way, waaaaay more important than that is that Sam Rockwell's astronaut is woken everyday by an alarm clock that plays 'The One & Only' by 90s one-hit wonder Chesney Hawkes. I WANT THAT TICKER! Weirdly, in the context of the film, the song's lyrics take on a kind of existential power too. Nice one Sam. Nice one Duncan. Nice one Chesney.

It's out this Friday (17th July).