Thoughts on 'The State Of Hollywood Today' after seeing Land Of The Lost...

Land Of The Lost is out here on 31st July. In the States it's already come out and made an underperforming $50 million. I know that $50 million hardly sounds like the proverbial 'peanuts' but when you've got a $100 million budget it ain't so fun. Suffice to say, someone, somewhere, will be getting told off.

Having seen the Will Ferrell 'science fiction comedy' I can see why. It doesn't know whether it's a kids fantasy flick or a teen comedy. Will Ferrell does his normal schitck (very funny) but he also fights dinosaurs (not funny).

It's not a million miles away from Year One, where Jack Black also does his normal schtick (very funny) but also fights Egyptians (not funny).

All of this whilst The Hangover quietly makes $300 million around the globe.

All of which rather poetically sums up the dilemma of being a well-recognised star with a well-recognised routine:

1. We don't like it when stars try to do something different. Will and Jack in weird settings - The Lost World's other dimension or Year One's ancient world - just aren't as funny as when they're talking about rock music or reading the news.

2. BUT Will and Jack doing their normal routines is
also getting a little bit tired (Step Brothers, Tropic Thunder) so it's quite refreshing to see a comedy with 3 stars who are relatively unknown, arsing about in Vegas. No expectations = you can only be impressed.

The answer for WF and JB? Sequels. Familiar ideas but with a new twist (though not too weird). Hello School Of Rock 2. Hello Anchorman 2. Hello desperate re-treading of former glories.

There, my friends, is The State Of Hollywood Today.