Adventureland loveliness...

I love films about slackers.

Slow, ponderous films about teenage Summers, growing up, falling in love, drinking too much Strongbow etc.

In this list I would include Before Sunrise, Dazed & Confused, Garden State, The Virgin Suicides , Juno and, at the broader end, Superbad.

And now Greg Mottola, 'helmer' of that last movie, has made Adventureland, a film where Jesse Eisenberg and Kristin Stewart bond one Summer whilst working at the local theme park.

Not a huge amount happens but both the leads are beautifully subtle and there's lots of willowy indie rock on the soundtrack. There are also supporting roles for the frequently-rather-hilarious Bill Hader and the better-in-small-roles Ryan Reynolds.

It's dreamy, slacker rom-com at its finest. It's out here 11th September. Go watch it.