Someone who is quite good...

Beverly Hills 90210. Dawson's Creek. The OC.

Shows I have loved and lost and shows where I presumed the stars would go on to great things.

If you consider Mischa Barton being pictured stumbling out of Bungalow 8 as a 'great thing' then I was right. If you're more about great acting in great movies then it's fair to say, I wasn't.

Therefore I'm not going to make any predictions about which stars of my current fave Gossip Girl will go on to great things on 'the silver screen', but I will say this:


In GG, she's a bit rubbish. Very pretty? Yes. Great clothes? Definately. A mop of blonde hair that's single-handedly keeping John Frieda in business? Absolutely.

But still a bit rubbish.

Yet in 'The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee' she's really rather good as a drugged-up, rebellious teen in 70s New York. There's attitude there but also a real vulnerability that's not just reliant on her being a bit whiny.

The pic's directed by Rebecca Miller, a woman who boasts Daniel Day-Lewis as her hubby and has made the-also-very-good 'Personal Velocity' and 'Ballad Of Jack & Rose' in the past. I'm beginning to believe that she might have a bit of magic in her fingertips since not only is Blake good in 'Pippa Lee', but so is...gasp...Keanu Reeves.

Still, I'm making no predictions about Blake being the next Cate Blanchett. 'Pippa Lee' is worth seeing though. And with Ed Westwick's (Chuck Bass) 'Donnie Darko' sequel 'S.Darko' limping into a couple of cinemas before heading straight-to-DVD she's certainly ahead of the pack. *

Not that I'm making any predictions, mind.

* Until Chace Crawford remakes 'Footloose', anyway.