The September Issue

The Devil Wears Prada and Ugly Betty may have skirted around the issue for a while but now there's a documentary that deals with it head on.

Anna Wintour is quite hard work.

The Brit-born, long-time editor of US Vogue is a legend in the industry and wears the huge shades to prove it. Meryl Streep basically was her in TDWP. Now she's the focus of an awesome doco called The September Issue that follows her and her 'people' around for a bit. It's very funny, insightful, a little bit depressing but ultimately amazing because it both confirms and denies many of the cliches you associate with the fashionistas. Us film critics like to call that 'insightful'.

Her headline-hitting dissing of Sienna Miller for being too toothy and having unruly hair I found personally a bit weird though. That's precisely why I like her (I know, I know - for some guys it's about big chests and long legs but for me it's all about the goofy girls... Freud would have a field day.)