Megan 'The' Fox is a bit attractive...

...which is basically what her new film, Jennifer's Body, is all about.

'Ooooh, I'm Megan 'The' Fox and I'm sooooooo sexy, look at my sexy bo-dy' etc etc

To be fair, after seeing the pic, I have concluded that she is officially The Most Attractive Woman Working In Film At The Moment. This makes me happy because I think that loving movies is so much about lusting after these god-like creatures on the screen. That's why it's brilliant that Johnny Depp glows in Public Enemies. That Rachel McAdams radiates in The Time Traveler's Wife. And now, that Megan shines like some kind of Greek goddess crossed with a hooker in Jennifer's Body.

She's even quite a good actress in it too. Oh, hold on... I signed a watertight embargo before seeing the pic so I shouldn't have written that. **A massive legal 'wrangle' with 20th Century Fox ensues**

Suffice to say though, Jennifer's Body is quite a big deal for MTF as it's a film that is about her, not about her and some huge robots. It'll be interesting to see if the lack of laddish hardware puts boys off going to see what is essentially a girly horror film (anyone else see Ginger Snaps?) or if the sight of MTF and Amanda Seyfried having some close-up snoggage is enough to put boy bums on seats. I suspect it is.

I'd love to say more but I'm scared of Rupert Murdoch and his studio henchman. But as this cheeky horror flick is written by Diablo Cody (Juno) then you can probably guess what I think about it. I'll write more when I can. It's out in October.