A bit of Nine awesomeness...

Over here at 'JKM' we're a little bit excited by the film Nine (as opposed to the film 9, the upcoming post-apocalyptic animation, that also looks good but is less of 'my thing').

Nine stars Daniel Day-Lewis and here's a still from the film that's up on MTV Movies. The film is a musical - woo, and indeed, hoo - that's somehow based on the old Fellini film 8 1/2 (which is rather good, should you have a couple of hours to spare one night).

The trailer is amazing and is here in case you missed it last time it was posted: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_5_lzags3I&feature=fvst

I'm just pleased that in this pic, DD-L appears to be...wait for it...enjoying himself. I've no doubt that the movie will have its moments of intensity since it's about a film director losing his marbles but still, to watch The World's Greatest Actor (TM) in lighter mode is a really mouth-watering prospect.

Director Rob 'Chicago' Marshall has also laid on the glam big time, which won't do anything to stop the 'haters' hating musicals but for us...er...'lovers' it delivers exactly what we want. Fantasy.

Nine is out in November. Rob Marshall's then off, for some reason, to direct Pirates Of The Caribbean 4.