'Bulimia's soooo '87...'

Heathers is an 80s movie full of all kinds of awesomeness. Watch it now and there are the obvious titters at dodgy outfits and lack of 'cell' phones but its dialogue was, is and always will be spikily hilarious (see title quote).

No high school pic has been so darkly humourous since. Clueless had the lingo but was joyously fluffy. Napoleon Dynamite was a similarly cult hit but lacked the '18' certificate. Juno, its closest contemporary, probed where other teen pics dare not go but it still wasn't a comedy about SUICIDE.

Now that's dark.

So quite what the new TV version of the show that Fox are prepping will be like, who knows? It's got a Sex & The City scribe polishing it up as we speak but will US teen telly dare get as blissfully bleak as Heathers needs to be? (apologies for the Daily Mail-style rhetorical questioning).

But with the actually-quite-edgy Gossip Girl hitting big and Juno writer Diablo Cody about to release her second pic (Jennifer's Body - described by many, but not me, as 'the new Heathers'), the time is defo RIPE.

And how about that poster, readers?! Aaaaah, the days when Winona wasn't just a future light-fingered has-been and people actually thought that Christian Slater was the new Jack Nicholson.

I know, I know. The crazy 80s...