Zooey Deschanel and her awesomeness.

Awesome because...

1. She is naturally a little off-the-wall. In a Hollywood where Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson are usually described as 'kooky' (even though they aren't), it's refreshing to see someone who actually really is the full-on nut-job. In rom-coms, this is AMAZING.

2. She wears great clothes. She's like the Chloe Sevigny that you don't want to slap. 

3. She is named after a JD Salinger character. This sort of pretentiousness can be kinda sexy. Speaking of which....

4..... she looks like Katy Perry. 

5.  She can sing and is in a band. See 'Elf' for evidence. 

6. Her dad Caleb is a cinematographer. He shot some of 'Apocalypse Now', a film that is occasionally as pretentious as naming your child after a JD Salinger character but is still universally acclaimed as a CLASSIC. Well done to you, Caleb. 

6. Her next film is '(500) Days Of Summer', where clearly the director had as big a crush on her as I do since it's basically a love letter to her awesomeness. It's also a rather clever dissection of our romantic insecurities (or something). It's out early Autumn, which is brilliant since it's not that long away but a bit dumb considering the movie's title.