'Bruno' might need a trim...

...after last night's events. 

Why? Well, it features a Michael Jackson gag (even though there's virtually a death threat hanging over anyone that talks about 'Bruno' before it's out, I love the film, HUGELY recommend it and have committed my name to the poster so I think that at least entitles me to share one tiny moment with you).

Basically, one of the many 'celebs' that Bruno interviews in his usual style is a charmingly hapless La Toya Jackson. She doesn't last long before walking out but the tipping point is a quip about her brother Michael. 

Now Sacha Baron-Cohen's made a career out of being shocking but I don't think even he would want to be seen as mocking in the current atmosphere. Okay, so no-one could've predicted MJ's sad death but Sacha and director Larry Charles should consign this bit to the dustbin before the pic's out in a couple of weeks. 

If not, it's gonna be a very odd moment in an HILARIOUS movie.  

UPDATE: 'Digital Spy' website (which is normally pretty good) is reporting that the scene has now been cut. Now Sacha just has to pray that nothing horrible happens to Paula Abdul (ooops, I've given another bit away).